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  • Flying

    Barley slept last night, after 2 days of procastination I was itching to get going. I had reserved a spot on the shuttle bus to the airport and was assured space for my bike box, it was a big bus with tons of luggage space at the back. I stand waiting at reception and see […]

  • Pain In The Ash

    The ash cloud which forced the closure of Manchester airport has set me back a few days. Although the airport has been reopened from 1am this morning and my flight was at 11:15am it was still cancelled, maybe they didn’t get the plane back from yesterday or something. Anyway I have since chased up a […]

  • Equipment List

    So here is a list of all my gear, this should also serve as a final check-list for myself. I opted for the ultralight version of equipment for the most part, with weight and size in mind. I have always packed notoriously light and compact and have done so here to ensure I only require rear panniers and a handlebar bag,  as […]

  • Training Rides With Spring Tides

    Over the past couple of months I’ve been getting myself saddle fit by cycling  a 25 mile coastal loop in Newcastle several times a week after work, along with a couple of longer rides including a 45 mile ride from Newcastle back to my home in Eaglescliffe. All of these have been done with a […]

  • Why Would I Want To Cycle Across America?

    “Your doing what!?” – that’s the usual response I get when telling people I’m spending this summer cycling across America. Most of my friends are now well acquainted with the idea, possibly even bored sick with my constant talk of the trip. The trip itself is a culmination of a 3 year dream that first […]