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  • Day 57: Easy Rider

    72.88 miles (Total: 3125.97) Avg Speed: 15.8mph Max Speed: 35.5mph The elevation profile for today’s ride looked like the best all trip, a long sloping downhill towards Ennis, losing about 2,oooft over the ride. Because of this me and Wim enjoyed a more than casual morning not setting off until around 11am. Getting out of […]

  • Day 56: A Trapped Tourist

    55.42 miles (Total: 3053.09) Avg Speed: 13.4mph Max Speed: 37mph A loud bunch of people on a geology trip woke me up early so I slithered out of my sleeping bag and tent to the chilly morning and stood still in the one patch of sunlight that was breaking through the trees to keep warm. […]

  • Day 55: National Parks

    60.70 miles (Total: 2997.67) Avg Speed: 11.4mph Max Speed: 39mph The cabin was uber warm last night and the cycle shorts I had washed out yesterday had dried to a crisp. The gang gathered before setting out towards Grand Teton national park where we were supposed to spend last night. My eyes were fixed on […]

  • Day 54: Grizzly Country

    54.99 miles (Total: 2936.97) Avg Speed: 9.8mph Max Speed: 35.5mph This morning was a late start. Terry had put a dent in the whiskey last night and Eli was sleeping soundly. Everyone was eventually up around 9am so we headed back into downtown for breakfast. I glanced at the flags lining the street to see […]

  • Day 53: Windy Wyoming

    77.41 miles (Total: 2881.98) Avg Speed: 9.6mph Max Speed: 32.5mph I got up and headed over to the shower block this morning and saw Eli, I asked again if he wanted to ride with us today and he did so we got sorted and headed over for breakfast next door. After getting on the road […]

  • Day 52: Grounded In Lander

    I woke this morning knowing my bike was long overdue getting the break pads replaced, my clothes were a mess I had nothing clean. I wanted that Brooks saddle and the World Cup final would be on this afternoon. I decide to inform Terry I won’t be riding today and he is only to happy […]

  • Day 51: Landed In Lander

    59.72 miles (Total: 2804.57) Avg Speed: 11.1mph Max Speed: 29mph I woke a little disorientated in the clubhouse wondering if last night really happened, this place is surreal. We went back over to the cafe for breakfast and the women offered to fill our water bottles up, what’s wrong with Jeffrey city! We hit the road expecting […]

  • Day 50: What’s Wrong With Jeffrey?

    70.00 miles (Total: 2744.85) Avg Speed: 12.5mph Max Speed: 34mph The early riding again was great, I’am really enjoying Wyoming. About a week ago we had past an Eastbounder who told us to get out of Wyoming as quick as possible because its just a desert! He was from L.A which in my books is […]

  • Day 49: 49 on the 49th

    49.62 miles (Total: 2674.85) Avg Speed: 11.4mph Max Speed: 23.5mph When I woke at 6am the sun was shining through my tent and it seemed pretty nice outside but when I eventually emerged at 6:30 to Terry cooking breakfast a dense fog had covered the place, blotting out the sun. It was icey cold and […]

  • Day 48: Riding The Storm

    70.70 miles (Total: 2625.23) Avg Speed: 11.8mph Max Speed: 34.5mph Before leaving Walden we returned to last nights place for breakfast. They had wifi too so I could catch up on some blogging, bonus. After starting the ride I soon realised we were going to have to dodge storms again. Creepy looking clouds were pillowing […]

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