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  • Day 67: Oregon

    69 miles (Total: 3764.3) Avg Speed: 11.1mph Max Speed: 26mph The saddle sores were almost completely healed this morning, its amazing how quickly they can crop up and just as soon disappear. We met Terry in town, he was just about to head out whilst Siemen was still asleep. Me and Wim took in breakfast before […]

  • Day 66: Long Haul Truckers

    83.78 miles (Total: 3695.3) Avg Speed: 11.7mph Max Speed: 34mph Me and Siemen had split a large chocolate milk last night half of which was still remaining. I consider taking a few chugs before breakfast but thought better of it. Leaving town the road split, I decided to stick with the ACA maps even though […]

  • Day 65: Fruits Of Labour

    70.86 miles (Total: 3611.52) Avg Speed: 11.4mph Max Speed: 35.5mph Before leaving Kooskia this morning I draped my tent over a big stone to dry out as it was still wet from the sprinklers. Once we got going there was a serious climb to contend with in which I was able to forget about the […]

  • Day 64: Déjà Vu

    91.17 miles (Total: 3540.66) Avg Speed: 14.3mph Max Speed: 28mph We swung by the lodge for a hearty breakfast before setting out once again along the stunning Highway 12 through the Bitteroot Mountain range. Not long after riding Wim had pressed ahead so I pushed on hard to catch him up when I heard the […]

  • Day 63: Lets Go Idaho

    59.82 miles (Total: 3449.49) Avg Speed: 12.2mph Max Speed: 36mph We began the ascent on Lolo pass immediately after getting back on the route from Missoula it was gradual and pleasant. We came across a couple of guys with really old looking bikes sat in a ditch eating and fixing a flat. They were pretty rock n roll […]

  • Day 62: Mooching Round Missoula

    I spent the first half of today riding around all the bike shops in Missoula trying to find a pair of Continental tyres, I don’t have much faith in the Schwalbe’s anymore. Nobody had any in stock and eventually one guy talked me into going for some Specialized Armadillo’s the name was enough to win […]

  • Day 61: Pilgrimage

    67.89 miles (Total: 3389.67) Avg Speed: 11.8mph Max Speed: 36mph Today was a mission to make it to the Adventure Cycling headquarters in Missoula before closing time. The route turns at Lolo so its actually a 13 mile detour, 26 in all coming back to the trail but we didn’t mind. The others set out […]

  • Day 60: Marvellous Montana

    75.74 miles (Total: 3321.78) Avg Speed: 12.2mph Max Speed: 36.5mph Leaving the tent this morning I was attacked by mosquito’s, they are intense around here. One woman at the lodge this morning mentioned she has lived in Alaska but they are worse here! I give my tyres a morning squeeze and found the rear was […]

  • Day 59: The Two Passes

    76.36 miles (Total: 3246.04) Avg Speed: 11.3mph Max Speed: 34.5mph Me and Wim were the slow starters this morning with the others having left as we were just heading to pick up some groceries. Wim was looking at the bottles of wine for this evening when he was informed, not for the first time on […]

  • Day 58: Twin Bridges

    43.71 miles (Total: 3169.68) Avg Speed: 12.3mph Max Speed: 38mph I waddled over the road for a breakfast bagel which was nice but really not filling for a person of my appetite, 6/10, then returned to finish packing up before heading out. There was a pretty serious pass to take care of at the start […]

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