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  • Reflection

    Edit: This blog documents my 2010 cycle across america tour. If you enjoy this you may be interested in also reading my 2012 tour across Europe, USA and NZ which resides here… If you are planning a TransAm cycle tour of your own and have any questions you can contact me via, alternatively […]

  • Extras: Portland

    60.39 miles (Total: 4416.2) Avg Speed: 11.8mph Max Speed: 26.5mph We decided on a casual start this morning which was summed up by me eating a breakfast burrito in bed then knocking over a 44oz drink all over the floor, the picture below shows the room 5 minutes after we were supposed to check out. […]

  • Extras: Chance Encounter

    79.61 miles (Total: 4355.81) Avg Speed: 12.5mph Max Speed: 35.5mph Another chilly morning by the coast saw us pass through the towns of Newport and Waldport before we started turning inland in the direction of Portland, we have become east-bounders. At the aptly named Cape Foulweather we stopped in the visitor centre, drinks were limited. Siemen recommended the […]

  • Extras: Riding Up The 101

    49.04 miles (Total: 4276.2) Avg Speed: 11.9mph Max Speed: 28mph Stefaan drove us into town this morning for breakfast to say farewell to Terry and Jessica. I’ve been riding with Terry most of the way since the end of Virginia so its going to be strange riding without him now, but as with Joe and […]

  • Day 73: Cycled Across America

    85.47 miles (Total: 4227.16) Avg Speed: 12.4mph Max Speed: 34.5mph Sunday 1st August 2010.  It was a chilly morning, a bike path took us to the edge of town where we diverted onto the standard country roads. It was a strange feeling this morning, I kept thinking about Virginia and how I felt the night […]

  • Day 72: Penultimate Push

    113.57 miles (Total: 4141.69) Avg Speed: 12.6mph Max Speed: 37.5mph I went out into an empty downtown Redmond alone this morning in search of breakfast. I managed to find one place that opened at 7am for a breakfast burrito, they had some Led Zeppelin playing too, cashback! Once on the road we headed to the town […]

  • Day 71: Its Called A Rideover

    70.14 miles (Total: 4028.12) Avg Speed: 11.6mph Max Speed: 35.5mph Some of us woke with sore heads this morning, Jessica was hungover but I had just slept head on concrete after my inflatable pillow was punctured. We road just out of town to the only place to get breakfast. One woman was running the show […]

  • Day 70: The Winepisode

    62.10 miles (Total: 3957.98) Avg Speed: 11.4mph Max Speed: 27mph Terry was up early as usual and tip toed around the rest of us asleep on the floor. He set out as we enjoyed a more than casual morning chilling out in the bikehouse with some radio. After we set out and reached the next […]

  • Day 69: 3 Passes

    88.85 miles (Total: 3895.88) Avg Speed: 13.1mph Max Speed: 39mph I enjoyed possibly the best biscuits and gravy ever this morning before setting out with Siemen. The profile for today’s map sections showed three distinct passes one after another and we soon caught up with Terry stretching before the first one began. Rain looked a […]

  • Day 68: Civilization

    42.73 miles (Total: 3807.03) Avg Speed: 10.7mph Max Speed: 24mph 2 Bananas and a Cliff bar for breakfast and I was ready to get the show on the road. I was hoping to buy a new rear wheel in Baker City, I think riding for the lengths of time I have on the trip with […]