Day 67: Oregon

69 miles (Total: 3764.3) Avg Speed: 11.1mph Max Speed: 26mph

The saddle sores were almost completely healed this morning, its amazing how quickly they can crop up and just as soon disappear. We met Terry in town, he was just about to head out whilst Siemen was still asleep. Me and Wim took in breakfast before setting out into a sticky humid morning. Just as I mentioned how the atmosphere this morning reminded me of Kentucky we were chased by a large black dog. The owner called half heartedly for it to return.

The motel sign. Were me and Wim the grouches?

Siemen caught up with us at a store just before the border crossing and we went over the bridge into Oregon. How did I get here? I can’t even get my brain around the concept. When I think about Virginia it seems like a lifetime ago, another trip that happened 4-5 years ago. Cooper and Joe were people I knew but had not seen in years and the scenery and people were so different even I was a completely different person. I remember before the trip trying to imagine actually reaching Oregon but I somehow couldn’t picture myself doing it.

State No.10 – The Final State
Looks like western Idaho.

After a pit stop Wim and Jessica road on whilst me and Siemen kicked back before setting out into the late afternoon. A climb of several thousand feet began as I realised again how much I actually enjoy the climbs compared to flat country. The downhill to Richland would have been great if it wasn’t for my unbalanced back wheel so I took it easy and road the breaks the whole way down watching Siemen enjoy it zipping off into town.

When we showed up at the city park the rest of the gang had already set up camp and even began a celebratory dinner for reaching Oregon. The pavilion had a stage with carpeted floors, no need to set the tent up tonight, so we all slept out.

I enjoy climbs.

Richland, OR
Wim was pleased with his Trailer Park Boys style Wine glasses.
He was also quite pleased with his cooking.
Well earned.






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  1. Amy Avatar

    Well done Rye, cant believe you made it! x

  2. Jill Avatar

    epic. have loved your blog!

  3. Mike Anderson Avatar
    Mike Anderson

    Looking good on the climbs Ryan

  4. Nate Dogg Avatar
    Nate Dogg

    State No.10… EPIC!

  5. mike wills Avatar
    mike wills

    great adveture, well done enjoyed reading, beautiful scenery,best wishes for next trip.

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