Day 63: Lets Go Idaho

59.82 miles (Total: 3449.49) Avg Speed: 12.2mph Max Speed: 36mph

We began the ascent on Lolo pass immediately after getting back on the route from Missoula it was gradual and pleasant. We came across a couple of guys with really old looking bikes sat in a ditch eating and fixing a flat. They were pretty rock n roll and one of the guys parting words to me was “Take chances”. I will!

Where are all the real ones.

After stopping for lunch we hadn’t been riding for more than a few minutes when Wim noticed another cyclist, apparently it was Siemen Jansma another Belgium who Wim had been emailing with. He had put in a few really big days to catch up with us after taking some time out with his parents to see the national parks. Having a new face and new stories meant I didn’t even feel the pass and reached the Idaho border which also marked the start of the epic descent. (I need to steal the border picture of one of the guys because I didn’t take it)

Siemen and Wim

I FLEW down that mountain.

We met up with Stefaan and Jessica at the small settlement of Powell which has a lodge and camping, we were able to put all our tents on one site which made it $1.25 each! We had a bunch of Franks for supper on toasted buns. I was surprised by the lack of bear notices or bins in the area, they must have black bears out here and if they don’t someone should put them here.






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  1.  Avatar

    this is cooper’s mom. you are way behind on your updates and i count on these to read and see what kind of a day cooper will have riding. you must be having way too much fun. i am thinking you are done with your ride and celebrating. great job.

  2. Helen Avatar

    Hi Ryan, Your Dad said you’d phoned (sorry I missed you) and that you’ve finished the ride – so, so proud of you and so is everyone who has been reading your blog – next job is the book and pictures!! Enjoy your last week or so over in America and have a holiday and a rest! Look forward to seeing you home on the 13th.
    Love from Helen, Bradley and Will xxx

  3. Beckie Avatar

    Hey Ryan – Love your blog, when you back we should have Sunday lunch at the Keys again, Meg’s gone to China now and I have moved into our new house, see you soon I love the pictures x x

  4. mum Avatar

    Hi Rye,we are just back of hols, so just caught up with your blog update,you,ve done really well finishing your trans am ride,well done,enjoy your time in portland, blog has been an excellent read we,ve all liked reading it as have many others, really looking forward to seeing you now,luv mum xxx

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