Day 62: Mooching Round Missoula

I spent the first half of today riding around all the bike shops in Missoula trying to find a pair of Continental tyres, I don’t have much faith in the Schwalbe’s anymore. Nobody had any in stock and eventually one guy talked me into going for some Specialized Armadillo’s the name was enough to win me over so now I’m onto my third brand of tyres.

Lunch and laundry took up the afternoon as with most days of the bike and I purchased some baby powder to help out with some of the saddle sores I have developed, yes I’m rocking some baby powder.

Me and Wim went back to the ACA and chilled out with some more free ice cream and ‘pop’ as Wim purchased a million more maps, he will be ending up in Pheonix after reaching the coast and going to Portland with me. Tomorrow we will enter Idaho, around 10 days from the coast.

Chatting over maps in the ACA headquarters.

More new tyres. This time the Specialized Armadillo's.






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  1. Tony J Avatar
    Tony J

    Quality tee! Recognise alot of the places on there from your tales! Definitely something I’d imagine you’ll be wearing with absolute joy!

    Look forward to the last few days towards the Coast…I know you’re there already, going to make for an interesting weeks read!!! x

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