Day 42: El Resto

We take the bikes down to Great Divide bike shop in Pueblo. The staff as always with cross country tourers are extremely accomodating despite been fully booked up with work. Within minutes of handing the bike over I see the mechanic in the workshop get cracking straight away. Me and Joe head to a coffee shop for a relax and wifi session to update blogs. After sitting drinking smoothies and eating wraps for a while we get a call to say our bikes are all fixed up and ready to go. I give Cooper a call to see what he was up too. He is back on the trail after the wedding and was just about to enter Kansas, so probably the 8-9 days behind us he had anticipated being.


Great Divide Bike Shop

After returning to the motel with the bikes we all crashed out and had a half hour nap, my muscles didn’t no what was going on. First no bike ride now midday sleeping, it was heaven. Later we returned to the Shamrock Brewing Company again for dinner, I ordered the Buffalo Burger this time expecting a gamey taste but it pretty much tasted like a normal burger. We sipped some more brews an talked about the trip so far, Tomorrow me an Terry will be splitting from Joe has he detours onto the western express trail whilst me and Terry head north on the TransAm. We have known this day was coming for a while but now it was happening and nobody could hide their dissapointment. I had considered the Western Express but decided against it, I’ve already seen that part of the country and I wanted to do the classic and originial Transamerica trail. Joe is pressed for time and really keen to go across Utah and Nevada so the Western Express was ideal as it is around 10 days shorter in riding.

A quick note about comments: I can’t tell you how much it makes my day to find fresh comments awaiting approval (I have to do that to avoid spam) after a long days slog. Especially from those people who I don’t even know, just because I’m cycling across a continent it doesn’t mean anybody should care, so I really appreciate it. Keep them coming and I will try to keep my end of the bargain by updating this thing, it tends to be a few days behind where I actually am.






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  1. Cooper's Mom Avatar
    Cooper’s Mom

    Ryan – I love this blog. I am still reading it daily. I was so relieved when Cooper was riding with other bikers. I hope he will find some new friends for the Rockies. I personally do not like mountain edges and therefore am very uptight when he is riding in them. Keep up the good ride and I am so proud of Americans and their helpfulness along this trip.

  2. Amy Avatar

    What is that strange fruit on your plate??

  3. Chris Douglass Avatar
    Chris Douglass

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while bud, busy do with my fight coming up. Just letting you know i’m still loving the blog and haven’t missed a post! Miss you lad! Modest Mouse when you get back 😀

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