Day 38: Rod’s Got It Covered

55.55 miles (Total: 2027.53) Avg Speed: 11.2mph Max Speed: 18.3mph

I could barely contain my excitement this morning in anticipation of the England Germany game. What I then witnessed was a humiliating display with a defence reminiscent of Newcastle’s during our relegation season that left me empty and sore inside. Lampard, Barry, Johnson and Upson should be ashamed at how FAT and SLOW they were! World Cup over lets get back to whats important, the ride.

Joe was tense, his tyre was a great concern we can only see how far it gets him. The early riding he continued to live with the constant thud from the patch that shocked his shoulders on each revolution. Starting late after the game and riding slowly meant we were in for a long day. Terry had dropped by the motel early but pressed on as usual to beat the heat. He has worked and lived out in the desert of Australia but seems to struggle with it more than we do.

We stopped regularly to check how it was holding up, bad news. The patch didn’t look to bad but other areas had worn through and scratched the tube causing it to leak. Joe put a new tube in using his dollar bill trick between tube and tyre to provide extra insurance. Just as I’m offering to setup up Joe Meyer Needs A Tyre Dot Com a white pick up pulls up alongside asking if were ok. Joe sheepishly replies he needs a new tyre. The guys name was Rod and they exchange numbers before he drove away saying he might be able to help. Potential saviour, “Options” as Joe likes to say.

Shots taken whilst riding = wonky horizon.
New County, New Roads.

We stop for lunch in Dighton, another Frigid Cream lunch. Again the diet may seem disgusting to you, but when your riding all day your pretty much hungry the second you get back on the bike. Joe gets a call from Rod confirming tyre size and he again makes no promises but its sounding good, he will call back again soon.

As we approach Scott City Joe gets another call, its Rod. “I’ve got you a tyre, meet me at the Lazy R Motel. Joe has a smile as wide as Kansas and he suddenly ignores the thump he has lived with all day and we power into town. Rod is stood outside waiting, he gives Joe a tyre from his bike that he drove to Denver to pick up in his car. Its the exact same tyre Joe has too, incredible.

Terry has us a room booked across the street and Rod comes over to join us. Terry had tried to buy beer but when he presented it at the counter was told you weren’t allowed to buy alcohol on a sunday! Rod had another trick up his sleeve, he slipped out and returned in seconds with a crate of Corona. Turns out Rod is from South Carolina and is just up here helping out with the wheat harvest. He’s a keen biker who is hoping to ride his bike back home once he has finished.

We all went out to dinner and Rod covered the bill insisting his boss had been paying for his all week. He claims we have inspired him to do the ride which he was still unsure of. We all hope he does.






7 responses to “Day 38: Rod’s Got It Covered”

  1. mum Avatar

    Yet another hero Rod to the rescue,what a lovely guy,going out of his way like that & then treating you all to dinner, you say he,s from south carolina lovely place ,thats where keith& i got married, lets hope rod does do the bike ride,lots of people have been inspired by you doing this transam.. ride,love the vids, keep up the good work,luv mum xxx

  2. Tony J Avatar
    Tony J

    Caught up on your past few days write ups and videos! Its actually became part of my daily schedule: ‘Wake up, eat, gym, work, Ry’s blog, sleep’. Lol.

    Can’t believe the people you meet and rely on in these circumstances.

    Keep on riding bud! I wish I could snack on burgers all day and still have the lbs drop off! Haha.

  3. Aaron Avatar

    Another hero, seems like they’re never ending. Nice head band your rocking in that first vid ry, bit too coool.

  4. Fred Parkes Avatar
    Fred Parkes

    Good going, Ryan and team. I heard about your trip and blog from Andrew Barlow and am now a regular reader.

    A mate and I (also from Teesside) are doing the same route in the opposite direction, starting 6 August. Would be good to orchestrate a ‘high five’ at some point, as we pass by each other! Could maybe pass you new parts if needed – contact details on blog –

    Looking forward to the Frigid Cream and Wendy’s!

    Keep up the good work,


  5. Keith Avatar

    Hiya rye.the hero’s just keep on coming.Take it easy.

  6. Greenman Avatar

    God bless rod. Heros all round america.

  7. Ben Avatar

    Rodimus Prime

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