Day 36: Centurion

109.55 miles (Total: 1908.01) Avg Speed: 11.9mph Max Speed: 22mph

Joe woke to a flat this morning which required attention before we could hit the road, Terry had up an left before we woke. Another Gas station breakfast was not cool but options were limited. We hit the road hard knowing it was going to be a long day. We were planning on reaching Larned which includes a stretch of 60 miles with no services.

First pit stop was in a town called Buhler, a friendly local heard me talk and came over to say ‘Gooday mate!’ before realising that was Australian and then responded ‘Cheerio!’, strange. The heat was insane again so we decided to take 2 hour stop in Nickerson for lunch to save ourselves from the hottest part of the day. Terry came just as we were about to leave and wasn’t up for the 60 miles afternoon stretch without services so decided to stay at Nickerson an catch up with the mileage tomorrow.

Nickerson, Kansas

It was difficult to stay focussed knowing the supplies we had needed to last us until Larned, and looking at my cyclometer the miles were crawling up. My water was going down quickly as my throat kept drying out. Very early in the riding it became clear we would have to ration what we had. It started to become uncomfortable when I was down to my last half bottle of, by this time boiling hot, water. We pulled over to the side of the road when we saw a pipe pumping out ice cold water. The sign read ‘Nonpotable’ Joe rang his mum to confirm this meant non drinkable. He does have a water purifier which we were about to bust out when a guy pulls up with his young son and offers us a keg of iced water to fill up our bottles. Its happened again, just when I need it most the only car all afternoon comes out of nowhere to save us.

Now well stocked we feel great and slowly but surely I grind my way to the first 100 of the trip, it was a great moment the best thing was I felt I could go on forever. We continue another 9 miles until reaching Larned and treat ourselves to a motel room, We haven’t showered properly for a few days. We order pizza to the room and I watch some more World Cup highlights. Looking at the progress we have now made in Kansas was great, we are destroying this map.

Bringing up the hundred
We just put a dent in Kansas.






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  1. EVFD Avatar

    Keep on trucking kid, awsome stuff. i spend my days in a boiling hot office working with 1s and 0s as coop dog him self would state. Peace

  2. Martin Avatar

    I have followed progress every day, and now wiggo et al have kicked off in the tour de France. Inspired. I am planning a Kenton Social C2C next May but I guess you would not be able to handle the 3 day pace!
    Martin (ps we never met properly)

  3. Keith Avatar

    Hiya rye,so a truck with a keg of ice water pulls up beside you,man you must say your prayers every night.Keep up the good work.

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