Day 34: Eugh-reka

64.55 miles (Total: 1722.26) Avg Speed: 12.3mph Max Speed: 28.5mph

The England game worked our perfectly for me this morning, because kick off was 9am which meant I could watch it then ride. After qualifying with the US me an Joe hit the road all smiles. It was flat again but the odd hill kept cropping up much to my annoyance, this is Kansas I demand flat roads.

England – Slovenia

Another hill, I feel robbed.
District 9!

After making it to the small town of Toronto we found the only place in town with any food. A small store with a table and chairs, the only problem is they have no AC and its probably warmer inside than out. We look in the fridge with our throats closing up from thirst, its practically empty. The guy explains his truck is broke so he hasn’t been able to restock and the soda fountain is broke due to lightening damage! So we are left with a big bottle of fresh orange which we both down in seconds, everything else in the store was near boiling point. He actually makes us some really good sandwiches but due to the heat and thirst we can’t manage much and get them wrapped up to go. After laughing at our predicament Joe asks me with a straight face if I want a hot coffee and I began to cry with laughter.

We were a few weeks early for Toronto Days

We rode only 5 miles up the road to find Terry at a really nice Cafe, but we didn’t care, our lunch in Toronto would be memorable at least. We took another short break from the heat then headed out towards Eureka. We were chased by a storm cloud the whole way and at one stage we could even see a wall of rain crashing down the road just ahead but we were only blasted for a minute until we eventually reached town and found Terry in the city park.

There were no showers but they did have a pool which was closed. We all stank and had no clean clothes for tomorrow, we had to take a dip in that pool! It was bordered either side by two small baseball fields with games going on, we figured when it gets quiet we could hop the fence and take a dip.

Joe went first, then me and Terry. Each sneaking over then slithering into the pool briefly before hopping out. Me and Joe went into town for food at a bar whilst Terry cooked himself food on his stove. When we returned Terry was sat with a wry smile. He explained right after we left the local sheriff pulled up, a young 5ft nothing cop packing a gun, baton, tazer and the usual rubbish these power trip cops have. He interrogated Terry for about an hour about hopping the fence after a local in the empty park had somehow spotted us. He threatened Terry with jail for the night and lectured him over and over. We all went right round the back of the pool and were only in for around 10 seconds each.

The Pool

Drama over we decided to all sleep out tonight as there were no bugs and it was so humid. A lightening storm way off in the distance lit up the skies which I watched for around an hour until going to bed.






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    I feel sorry for the poor people who had to use that pool the next day! Gross!! ha!

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