Day 32: Fun In The Sunshine

68.17 miles (Total: 1558.86) Avg Speed: 11.9mph Max Speed: 37mph

I took my time this morning knowing I was getting picked up around 9:15. Joe and Terry packed up and headed off towards Golden City. The Sunshine Bike Shop car pulls up and Alex gets out to introduce himself. We stick my bike and bags in the van and head to Springfield. Once at the bike shop I introduce myself to Kay who I spoke with last night. The shop was great, far better than the Carbondale bike shops, I wish I could have had my full service here. Kay tells me to look around the store for supplies so I pick up a few Cliff bars and energy shots. Once Alex has fixed my bike I ready my wallet to pay when he tells me its all free!

Out of all the generosity I have received so far this one is overwhelming. Alex returns me to Fair Grove to continue the trail and I thank him again for his work. Time to get the show on the road, I head up to the gas station to grab even more supplies and eventually get going around midday. This was to be the last day in Missouri and the end of the Ozarks, I had almost 70 miles still to do so hit the road.

I cruised up and over the last few rollers, on every climb the sun managed to dip behind a cloud for me it was all going to plan. I stopped only briefly at each services to refuel so I was making great time. I passed through a town called Everton which amused me, no sign of any scousers though. Towards the end of the ride I got stuck behind a mower cutting the sides of the road which had a van behind it to warn drivers. It was going around 12 mph so I would have to race to get by it. After waiting a while I got the opportune moment on a downhill and flew by it, only problem was the huge uphill afterwards. I had gotten a head start but the mower began gaining on me as I reached the crest but then left him in my dust on the next downhill.

Me vs Mower

The Ozarks hung on right to the last minute before the roads eventually began to flatten out, a sign of the riding to come through Kansas. I cruised into Golden City and made my way to the park where I hope to find Terry and Joe. I met Terry outside the gas station, then we found Joe at the park. After taking a shower we watched a softball game and ate some food. The humidity was incredible, I laid in my tent dripping with sweat and had to get out and wait an hour or so before trying to sleep again. Tomorrow is state number 5, I can’t wait.

Golden City, MO






7 responses to “Day 32: Fun In The Sunshine”

  1. keith Avatar

    Hiya rye,nice to see people are still being so friendly.Hope you did not manage to catch that load of pap yesterday,just waiting now to see if crappello gets the boot.Take it easy.

  2. mum Avatar

    big thumbs up to the sunshine bike shop,yet more very kind people to help you on your way,xxx

  3. Tony Jones Avatar
    Tony Jones

    Now then Ry!
    I saw Pooley in the Black Bull on Sunday after that disappointing England game and we got chatting about who is doing what and where these days, and he informed me of your blog from your solo trip across the States. I was aware you were doing it however never knew there was a blog.
    I can honestly say I’ve never read something so inspiring in all my days. Its some feat you have set out and I cannot believe the time you are having, people you’re meeting and places you’re visiting. It certainly puts things into perspective being stuck in little humble Eaglescliffe!!

    I will certainly be keeping a tab on your whereabouts and I’ve passed on the link to alot of friends and work colleagues whom I’ve raved about this to.

    Keep it going lad! Can’t wait for more pictures and write ups!

    Big Tone.x

  4. Chris Douglass Avatar
    Chris Douglass

    Slipped a few days with the blog as i’ve been busy with work. Dedicated sometime to catch up and i’m glad I did! Good to hear lady luck is still on your side! Miss you lad!

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