Day 30: Houston, Texas (County)

45.17 miles (Total: 1420.72) Avg Speed: 11mph Max Speed: 47mph

Breakfast this morning was amazing, we had everything and more. The calories would soon be burnt as the climbing continued straight out of Eminence. Joe got a flat really early in the ride so we pulled by a kayak rental place to fix it. It was Saturday so the place was was busy, there are lots of rivers around here. I overheard a bunch of people my age who pulled up in their cars talk about the “crazy” road trip they were taking to the next town and back today, the next town! that must be 30 miles away!

Ozarks, roughly translated from the French Aux Arcs.
My view, all day everyday.
Collectors item shot of me riding.

We passed by a fire tower and coudln’t resist going up to see the view, it didn’t disappoint. The mileage for today was going to be slightly frustrating, but its not always a case of how far you want to go. We are restricted by the places on route. Today was a choice of 45 miles or around 90 miles. On better terrain we would have done the latter but decided early on to take it easy so we soon stopped after 25 miles in a town called Summersville for lunch.

Sitting in the park for lunch we saw the temperature on an electronic board climb and climb, it was going to be an uncomfortable 20 miles but we knew the park in Houston (which is funnily in Texas County) had a pool. After we arrived we made our way there to find it full of kids jumping off the diving boards while the parents bathed themselves. We slipped in to cool off before going to the pavilion to set up our tents. It was a relaxing day and probably the last time we will do under 50 for a long while.






6 responses to “Day 30: Houston, Texas (County)”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    Nice tortoise snap, right under its snout. && That pool would be heaven on a day like today, keep on rollin’ ry.

  2. Ben Avatar

    Good stuff just read all your latest blogs, nice big update!

    Big game tomorrow, hopefully you’ll get to see it! Nice pictures again x

  3. ryan Avatar

    Yeah, in motel tonight like I did for the Slovenia game. Match is on at 9am so wake up watch game and ride afterward, perfect!

  4. keith Avatar

    Hiya rye,Getting ready for the big game today going to a bbq for match,Hope it don’t go to penalty’s.Keep up the good work and remember’ take it easy.

  5. Cooper Avatar

    47 mph!! I’m laying by that pool right now, and it’s pretty great.

    1. ryan Avatar

      Haha, yeh I forgot to really mention in the post I hit 47mph. Was a crazy kamikaze downhill in the Ozarks, you’ll find it.

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