Day 26: Takin’ It Easydale

The rest day started early as we all woke around 6:30 and headed down to Mary Lou’s cafe for breakfast before saying our farewells to Cooper. He was the perfect trail companion and everybody was going to miss him. I’m just glad I had his company up some of those incredibly tough climbs in Virginia and through the dogs of Kentucky. He has also loved all the comments people have left about him on my blog.

Cooper Hanning

Once Cooper left me an Joe went back to the motel room and watched the Portugal – Ivory Coast game on TV then headed out to a coffee shop to finally catch up on some blog entries. I’m constantly about a week behind now, I type them up offline each night but its uploading the pictures to accompany that slow me down. Also I tend to do them in my tent when I’m really tired so they are usually full of spelling mistakes which you will have to ignore.

We met Michael again, the leader of the ACA group. They were also taking a rest day in Carbondale and he invited us to join them for dinner tonight at a thai restaurant downtown. We picked our bikes up and I replaced my tyres with some Schwalbe Marathons as my others had around 2,000 miles on them and I also had an extra layer of soft chunky bar tape added. The bike was spotless and working a dream, they had stayed up after hours just to get them done.






3 responses to “Day 26: Takin’ It Easydale”

  1. mum Avatar

    Hi Rye, it was a bit sad that cooper had to leave,he looks and sounds like a real nice guy,good of the bike store to work later to get your bikes done for you. i think its great that you are still managing to do your updates on your blog,you must be tired after along day cycling,keep up the good work, luv mum xxx

  2. Ben Avatar

    Bikes looking fresh. Keep the updates coming it will keep you focused! I’m loving the pictures on all the cafe/restaurants/buildings etc. Bye Coops, hope you get to meet up with Ryz again later on in the journey!

  3. Glen Avatar

    Sounds like everythings going really good rye. Hope to see coops hittin up egg in the future!!

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