Day 24: Emancipation

48.33 miles (Total: 1134.14) Average Speed: 11.7mph Max Speed: 41mph

The breakfast at the B&B consisted of an omlette with bacon, it certainly hit the spot. Today we would finally be getting to the Illinois border which I had initially intended to do yesterday. After packing up we rolled out an began the 12 miles to the state line. Michael the leader of the ACA group caught up with us, he is German born but has lived in the US for 12 years and is the friendliest guy ever. We reached the Ohio river at which point you have to hop on the shuttle ferry as there is no bridge, the river also acts as the state  line between Kentucky and Virginia.

Joe, being a swimmer and from Ohio had said leading up to today  that he was going to swim across the river. So we walked onto the ferry with his bike as he snook back off to pick a suitable spot to start his crossing. As we pulled away he lowered into the water and began but soon found himself slowly getting swept downstream. It’s pretty narrow so the crossing only takes about a minute by boat however by the time we had hopped off on the other side his head was a dot way down the river. After a few brief moments of panic we saw him emerge onto the shore and begin walking up the side, he had ended up about half a mile down from where he had started. The banks had thick sand and mud which he waded through as we stood by laughing at his predicament.

Show over, we passed through the small town of Cave In Rock to find the Illinois sign, state number 3. As today was going to be a scorcher we had planned to beat the heat by riding early then taking the entire midday/early afternoon off before finishing the ride later in the day. So a further 20 miles in we reached Elizabeth town. After eating at yet another home cooking café type joint we went to the local bar, afterall we’re out of Kentucky and back into civilization. The dogs are tied up, the roads are clean and the towns have bars. This particular one served us drafts in frosted glasses which was amazing on such a hot day.

State No.3

Jenks House
E-Town as the locals called it.

After finally getting back on the road we head for Eddyville where we plan to camp. A series of long but gradual climbs sap the energy from us but we eventually arrive in the early evening. The campsite is a mile of route, we have two options. Go set up then come back to the bar in town for food or go for food and cycle to the campsite in the dark, we opt for the latter and it seemed like the right call.

The campground has lots of people with horses who are making use of the local trails. The whole place smells like horse, even the showers but its not unbearable. Plus its only $14 for on site split between the four of us. Once I was washed I headed straight into my tent and fell asleep.






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  1. mum Avatar

    Hi Rye, joe did really well to swim across,it looked really hard work walking out of that mud,bet he was ready for a beer after that, good pic of you at bar enjoy luv mum xxx

  2. Guy Avatar

    Arite Ryan good to see you are now onto state number 3! Also a didn’t realize whor jenks had set up shop in Illinois ha! Keep up the good work fella.

  3. aaron Avatar

    joe has an extreme tan line.

  4. Amy Anderson Avatar
    Amy Anderson

    Nice tan lines Joe, ha!

  5. Ben Avatar

    Decent swim that! Get your chin on the England game x

  6. Dave and Pam Avatar
    Dave and Pam

    Hiya Ryan
    Just been following your site from day one since your mam gave us the details.What an adventure with some nice people en route.Hope the trip goes well and keep on keeping on.Speak soon.
    Love from Pam and Dave.

  7. Luke Avatar

    ‘the gangs all here!’ – gang city…by the time your on the west coast, there will be about 16 of you!

    good to see your getting into your stride lad. enjoying the posts.

    p.s the new york post’s headline after the england v yank match –

    tough crowd.

  8. Si Avatar

    Leeeeeeeroy Jenkiiinnnssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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