Day 17: The Booneville Four

65.14 miles (Total: 722.30) Average Speed: 10.6mph Max Speed: 42mph

The gang wakes to another amazing breakfast from David, then I set about fixing my tube again. I take of the tyre and checked yet again for any sharp objects that may have caused the previous puncture and manage to finally find the smallest piece of wire metal that isn’t protruding but still lodged, it has caused all the problems. So this time with the tube I trim the patch small enough to fit inbetween the ridges and apply it. After filling it with air it holds perfect so I set about fixing my other tube from yesterday, same success. I put the tube in fill it then load all my bags, several minutes later its still rock solid. Me, Cooper and Terry hit the road while Joe continues his leisurley morning still recovering from his huge day yesterday and says he will catch us down the trail.

After the first 20 miles we spot a Wal Mart so pull in to see if they have suitable inner tubes. They stock some cheap universal one that is the right size so I buy it as back up until we get to another bike shop which could be another week away. Cooper also buys a new camera as he broke his before pursuading us to go thirds on a big box of Little Debbies Nutty Bars. He says they are amazing but me and Terry weren’t very impressed, imagine a chocolate bar filled with salt, BORK. Just as we are about to head off Joe pulls up as he needs brake pads, Wal Mart has everything. We continue on as the rain starts to pour on a busy road with a shoulder filled with rocks and shrapnel. Terry’s rear wheel goes flat, so we pull over in the pouring rain to fix it finding a small piece of glass that had pierced the wall.

We push on through small towns like Chavies and Emmalena before reaching a gas station which is our only real option for lunch. Services are still pretty limited as is our destination for the night, Booneville. In Kentucky you pretty much don’t have a choice in where to stay you just have to push out the miles and make it. I get a few sliders and a chilli hot dog whilst cooper gets a large hash brown with ‘everything on it’, it looks like a plate of sick.


The calories would soon be burnt in the afternoon as we tackled 5 reasonable climbs, each feeling tougher than the last. Joe, although travelling light, only has two cranks so doesn’t have the climbing gear options we do so he just powers it out the best he can. We stop a few times for small breaks and wait for Terry to catch up because his stuff weighs a ton. I like that nobody is trying to be a hero and honest enough to take the breaks because it was really tough. I hit a new max speed on one of the downhills without even feeling it and inform the gang of the new record to be beaten, 42 mph.

Best sign

We eventually arrive in Boonville at the church that allows cyclist to camp. It has a small pavillion, toilet, sink and cold shower, perfect! Me an Joe decide to head into town for supper but everywhere is closed so it ends up being a hashed up meal from the store. We all sit under the pavillion chatting about general stuff while I patch Terry’s tube from earlier. I am now the official go to tube expert guy. Terry makes me an amazing cup of tea then scolds himself with the water. Nice to be back on the road, tomorrow its Berea and I’m pushing to split a motel with the group as its been a while.






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  1. Chris Douglass Avatar
    Chris Douglass

    That last pic is awesome!

  2. Jack Stoddart Avatar
    Jack Stoddart

    nice post,

  3. Ben Avatar

    Nice set of posts for me to read! haven’t checked for a few days. Come on England

  4. Keith Avatar

    Groundhog rd,did ya feel like you had been there before.Take it easy bud.

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