Pain In The Ash

The ash cloud which forced the closure of Manchester airport has set me back a few days. Although the airport has been reopened from 1am this morning and my flight was at 11:15am it was still cancelled, maybe they didn’t get the plane back from yesterday or something.

Anyway I have since chased up a refund on that flight from and have booked myself a place on a new flight Wednesday morning (although I have a completed booking status I’m still waiting anxiously for my e-ticket).

Since I was staying at the Travelodge @ Manchester airport it was the easiest choice to just stay here another 2 days in my room that has soon become home.

No point getting stressed I’m just going to relax, losing 2 days from a 3 month trip isn’t the end of the world, I just hope it all goes to plan on Wednesday. Keep calm and carry on.





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  1. Amy Anderson Avatar
    Amy Anderson

    You never know you might get cancelled on the way home too and end up with an extended trip in the sunshine!

  2. josh mum &keith Avatar
    josh mum &keith

    hi,rye, fingers crossed all plans go ahead on wednesday,at least you have a nice room to relax in for the time being,thinking about you love mum keith &josh xxx

  3. Chris Douglass Avatar
    Chris Douglass

    Good luck bud! Hope everything gets back on track asap!

  4. Mike Anderson Avatar
    Mike Anderson

    At least they have a decent football team
    Remember, if you need an emergeny phone # 647 722-4800

  5. Ben Kerry Avatar
    Ben Kerry

    Good luck stifler, keep the chin up I’m sure you’ll get there soon!!

  6. Jack Stoddart Avatar
    Jack Stoddart

    “Pain in the Ash” – he’s got the puns in already!

  7. Dom Haughton Avatar
    Dom Haughton

    hope everything works out man X

  8. Josh Avatar

    im just trying on fallout three to get past the part I am stuck on p.s my freind Aaron will be leaving you a message soon because i have gave him your website.

  9. Aaron joshs freind Avatar
    Aaron joshs freind

    good luck on your journey

  10. Mike Anderson Avatar
    Mike Anderson

    I’m not sure if you already know this: Try to intake 60 Gram’s of carbs per
    hour and 300 to 400 calories, plus 2 16oz bottles of fluid especially in the
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  11. Scott Avatar

    Hope the flight goes to plan tomorrow, good luck on the trip.

  12. Stephen Anderson Avatar
    Stephen Anderson

    Hope you have/had good flight give us a shout when you can, best of luck from Dad, Helen, Brad and Will.

  13. mum Avatar

    good luck tmw Rye,when the cycling begins,will be thinking about you,luv mum xx

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