Equipment List

So here is a list of all my gear, this should also serve as a final check-list for myself. I opted for the ultralight version of equipment for the most part, with weight and size in mind. I have always packed notoriously light and compact and have done so here to ensure I only require rear panniers and a handlebar bag,  as many items as possible have a multi-purpose, whether it be cables, clothes, tools etc.

Left Bag – Off Bike Clothes, On Bike Clothes & Toiletries

2 x padded cycling shorts, 2 x cycling tops, 1 x baggy cycling shorts, 1 x long sleeve under armour, 4 x ankle socks, 1 x Buff, 1 x cycling mitts, 1 x Hi Viz waterproof jacket.

1 x cargo shorts, 1 x shirt, 2 x t-shirt, 2 x boxer shorts, 1 x swim shorts, 1 x plimsolls.

1 x usual toiletries but mini ones, sun lotion, after sun. 1 x first aid kit.

Right Bag – Electronics, Accessories, Other.

1 x netbook, 1 x HTC Hero, 1 x digital camera, 1 x micro towel, 1 x cat eye cyclometer, small torch, bungee cords, adapter & cables.

1 x specialized sonoma cycling shoes, 2 x inner tubes, bike multi-tool, puncture repair kit, small pump, bike lube, chain-links, chain tool.

Camping Equipment

1 x ultralight sleeping bag (its not actually that light), 1 x sleeping mat, 1 x inflatable pillow, 1 x coleman tent.

My handlebar bag will hold some of the smaller electronics mentioned along with my maps and snacks for the road. All my equipment together looks like this:

As for the bike itself, well that has now been boxed up for flying by the lovely people at Edinburgh Cycles in Newcastle who supplied it. I have their custom built Country Explorer 2010 with steel frame, Shimano shifters and derailleur, disc brakes. I have since swapped out the saddle for a brown leather touring saddle to score more points on appearance and comfort. I have also switched out the pedals for a pair of SPD clipless ones.

Things I’m Not Taking

– You, an Xbox, After-Shave (its sweaty cyclist or nothing ladies), a Sat-Nav (I have the 12 map Transamerica set), a spare tyre! (finding a folding tyre for my rims was hard) I will replace my tyres when their worn, I have plenty tubes to replace/repair punctures.





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  1. Benjamin Kerry Avatar
    Benjamin Kerry

    Nice shoes! …don’t forget the jeans ha!

  2. ryan Avatar

    Haha, jean city. No chance, Newcastle shirt isn’t even getting a run out 🙁

  3. Chris Douglass Avatar
    Chris Douglass

    You not taking your iPod Touch aswell or just using the HTC for music?

  4. ryan Avatar

    Yeh, stick the ‘Pod in there too.

  5. Mike Anderson Avatar
    Mike Anderson

    Don’t forget your helmet, in some states they are mandatory

  6. Amy Anderson Avatar
    Amy Anderson

    This very limited packing list is exactly why I would never be able to take this kind of trip Ryan. Only one pair of shoes! Now that has to be a crime in some states!

  7. Scott Avatar

    Looks good!

    Nice to see the HTC, how’s it treating you?

  8. ryan Avatar

    @Mike, Yeah got my Giro lid!

    @Amy, I have a pair of white plimmys aswell as my cycling shoes which can also be worn off bike.

    @Scott, the hero is pretty slick. Got skype and truphone installed so I can make wifi calls back home.

  9. Irish Jim! Avatar
    Irish Jim!

    Randel…this trip will be awesome! Good luck buddy, preferably you wont come back like the hedgehog! Good luck pards, have a blast!!

  10. EVFD Avatar

    the irish

  11. Jack Stoddart Avatar
    Jack Stoddart

    Nice one anderson, got this bookmarked! x

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