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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Barley slept last night, after 2 days of procastination I was itching to get going. I had reserved a spot on the shuttle bus to the airport and was assured space for my bike box, it was a big bus with tons of luggage space at the back. I stand waiting at reception and see this small minibus turn up.

The driver gets out and says the main bus has an engine problem so this is the replacement one. He then looks at my box and says “That ain’t fitting” in his manc accent. I plead with him to try and to my relief it does fit in the back, however the other passengers now have to put their luggage on their laps. I apologise profusely but one wise guy remarks “They sell bikes in America you know”.

Arrived at the airport, bag an bike check-in is swift and the plane is on time, things are improving. Nice flight to Atlanta and my bike and bag arrived with me. I got grilled at immigration and the guy was not happy I had no print out evidence for my return flight. He also questioned me hard about cash saying I don’t have enough for the length of my stay! I explained I top my travel card up as and when for security reasons rather than load 3 months worth of money on.

He eventually lets me through and I wipe the sweat from my brow. My stuff was then rechecked for my final short flight to Newport News, VA. I finally arrived to a very humid Virginia and was ecstatic when my stuff turned up again. Had a great taxi driver from Keeeeentucky who took me to the motel.

Halfway through rebuild

I had to check my bike was ok so tore open the boxing, to my horror edinburgh cycles had done WAY more dismantling than they had said, literally the whole bike was in pieces. Sleep now, going to be a nasty job putting that together.

Pain In The Ash

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The ash cloud which forced the closure of Manchester airport has set me back a few days. Although the airport has been reopened from 1am this morning and my flight was at 11:15am it was still cancelled, maybe they didn’t get the plane back from yesterday or something.

Anyway I have since chased up a refund on that flight from and have booked myself a place on a new flight Wednesday morning (although I have a completed booking status I’m still waiting anxiously for my e-ticket).

Since I was staying at the Travelodge @ Manchester airport it was the easiest choice to just stay here another 2 days in my room that has soon become home.

No point getting stressed I’m just going to relax, losing 2 days from a 3 month trip isn’t the end of the world, I just hope it all goes to plan on Wednesday. Keep calm and carry on.

What's this?

My name is Ryan Anderson, in Summer 2010 I rode my bike across America. Starting on the east coast in Yorktown, VA and finishing in Florence, OR. Read more


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