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Equipment List

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

So here is a list of all my gear, this should also serve as a final check-list for myself. I opted for the ultralight version of equipment for the most part, with weight and size in mind. I have always packed notoriously light and compact and have done so here to ensure I only require rear panniers and a handlebar bag,  as many items as possible have a multi-purpose, whether it be cables, clothes, tools etc.

Left Bag – Off Bike Clothes, On Bike Clothes & Toiletries

2 x padded cycling shorts, 2 x cycling tops, 1 x baggy cycling shorts, 1 x long sleeve under armour, 4 x ankle socks, 1 x Buff, 1 x cycling mitts, 1 x Hi Viz waterproof jacket.

1 x cargo shorts, 1 x shirt, 2 x t-shirt, 2 x boxer shorts, 1 x swim shorts, 1 x plimsolls.

1 x usual toiletries but mini ones, sun lotion, after sun. 1 x first aid kit.

Right Bag – Electronics, Accessories, Other.

1 x netbook, 1 x HTC Hero, 1 x digital camera, 1 x micro towel, 1 x cat eye cyclometer, small torch, bungee cords, adapter & cables.

1 x specialized sonoma cycling shoes, 2 x inner tubes, bike multi-tool, puncture repair kit, small pump, bike lube, chain-links, chain tool.

Camping Equipment

1 x ultralight sleeping bag (its not actually that light), 1 x sleeping mat, 1 x inflatable pillow, 1 x coleman tent.

My handlebar bag will hold some of the smaller electronics mentioned along with my maps and snacks for the road. All my equipment together looks like this:

As for the bike itself, well that has now been boxed up for flying by the lovely people at Edinburgh Cycles in Newcastle who supplied it. I have their custom built Country Explorer 2010 with steel frame, Shimano shifters and derailleur, disc brakes. I have since swapped out the saddle for a brown leather touring saddle to score more points on appearance and comfort. I have also switched out the pedals for a pair of SPD clipless ones.

Things I’m Not Taking

– You, an Xbox, After-Shave (its sweaty cyclist or nothing ladies), a Sat-Nav (I have the 12 map Transamerica set), a spare tyre! (finding a folding tyre for my rims was hard) I will replace my tyres when their worn, I have plenty tubes to replace/repair punctures.

What's this?

My name is Ryan Anderson, in Summer 2010 I rode my bike across America. Starting on the east coast in Yorktown, VA and finishing in Florence, OR. Read more


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