Why Would I Want To Cycle Across America?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

“Your doing what!?” – that’s the usual response I get when telling people I’m spending this summer cycling across America. Most of my friends are now well acquainted with the idea, possibly even bored sick with my constant talk of the trip.

The trip itself is a culmination of a 3 year dream that first presented itself in 2007. At the time I was researching for another trip across America by car, when I found a journal documenting a guy who had cycled across. In the following weeks I became fascinated by the idea of doing something so big and different, but to this day don’t have a straight response for ‘why’.

A couple years and summers later I had finished my degree and got a job and felt the chance of taking the trip slipping away. It was then I decided there was never going to be a convenient time to take several months out of my life. After both my Grandmas passing away in the space of a year I really began to take stock of my ambitions. I couldn’t wait any longer, the trip still consumed my thoughts, it had to be done.

So skip to present, I’m ready to leave everything behind and on the 17th May 2010 I will be flying to Yorktown, VA and begin cycling to the pacific ocean. I will be following the Transamerica trail established by the ACA back in 1976.

Having spent several months travelling around the USA in previous years, this route still manages to go through all the states I haven’t visited except Illinois. Riding with a fully loaded bike, I plan on camping around 2/3’s and staying in motels the rest. Despite going alone I also hope to meet and ride with others along the way.

I read elsewhere another TransAm cyclist saying that people who ask why your going on such a trip probably wouldn’t understand if you told them. I guess I want to test myself away from the security of normal life, to live a life without walls and limits and finally live out my dream.

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19 Responses to “Why Would I Want To Cycle Across America?”

  1. Chris Douglass says:

    If only I had your confidence bud! Have a great summer! Looking forward to this site becoming one of my daily visits. Say hello to some bears for me!

  2. Paul Timney says:


  3. ryan says:

    This the target then…

  4. Scott says:

    This is bookmarked! Hope the trip goes well!

  5. Claudette Anderson says:

    Hello Ryan, good luck with your great adventure and enjoy the moment! Be prudent. Auntie Claudette from Canada, Mike’s wife and Geneviève and Michèle’s mum.

  6. Stuart Woolger says:

    Hi Ryan
    Just rebuilding my bike at the Holiday Inn, Newport News, starting my Trans Am tomorrow. Just spotted your blog after seeing a message from you to Nick Stravous on Crazy Guy.

    I just bumped into Nick and his dad in the lift of the hotel, strange when someone you’ve seen on the net appears in front of you thousands of miles from home!I new he was starting a similar time to me (he’s just left) I start tomorrow.

    Not sure how your getting to Yorktown. I flew into Dulles and pre booked a taxi with Gentleman Taxi, gentlemantaxi@earthlink.net , 804 839 8400, $220 which seems a lot of cash, but after a day of travel it was great to be picked up in style and dropped at the hotel near the start!

    Being an old boy, I’ll be plodding along the trail so I’m sure you’ll catch me up, any questions please shout stuart.woolger(at)googlemail.com



  7. ryan says:

    Hey Stu,
    That was really cool meeting Nick, I’m flying into Newport News and staying in Yorktown. Thanks for the taxi link though you reminded me to book one! I just want to get started now, hopefully catch up with you along the way.


  8. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Hey Ryan, Love the site! I’ll buy you a Sunday diner when you get home – be careful and take lots of pictures lots of love X

  9. Benjamin Kerry says:

    I expect daily updates!

  10. Dom says:

    Have a fucking AWESOME one man, Id love to join you on this! Maybe in the future with Doug and peeps, it would be fucking RAD.

    Good luck sexy! <3 X haha

  11. Nathan Powell says:

    If you email asking for “sort code and bank account deeetails sir” for emergency cash, I’m telling you now, I won’t respond.

    Good luck growing a road-beard!

  12. Genevieve says:

    ENJOY the trip, Ryan! You’ll be riding through some beautiful country. And hopefully you’ll get your bear encounter 🙂

  13. Bradley Anderson says:

    hi ryan hope u have a good time and can u maybe get me some sweets?

  14. Gemma Cohen says:

    Your sis just signposted me to the site.

    Loving your work (and stamina!) go for it and have an amazing time! What an achievement!

    Gem x

  15. Nick Pooley says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Just came across the link for this website from your facebook. This trip looks amazing! I hope you have a brillaint time out in the US, I am sure you will.
    All the best mate.


  16. Jill Waiton says:

    Hi Ryan

    Like Pooley, this came up on my fb feed. What an awesome adventure. Have a great time seeing what’s out there from two wheels.

  17. Amy Nutt!! says:

    Wow ryan this site is awsome… i will defo be checking it out lots!! Good luck and stay safe!xx

  18. harry wood says:

    your site is amazing good luck hope the buts not to sore

  19. Lesley (works with Helen Thomas) says:

    Well Done Ryan on completing your dream and WELCOME Home. Hope you remembered Bradleys sweets!

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